About Us

Our Story...

The idea for this company started while enjoying a meal with family and friends who all had passion for computers and the information technology. We all believed that the world could be made more efficient through technology use. Thus this home for skills of all those interested in making a difference in the world was built. We work with people passionate about technology and data and provide innovative solutions to those in needs of these happy professionals.

We are...

The humankind working passionately to make the world a better place.

Rajiv Garg

Founder & CTO

Dr. G brings in a wide array of experience from space robotics to social media advertising, from power plant programming to economic theory, and from cooking to playing video games.

Ram Garg


A mechanical engineer with drive to execute. Mr. RAM looks after the people while somehow magically delivering the projects on time and on budget.

Harsh Gupta


Operations and finance in the specialty of Mr. Gupta and he is hard to please with sub-optimal requirements and deliverable. Clients need to do some work too, right?

David is the true people person who not only acts on the silver screen but also in the hallways. His coaching, mentoring, training, and people skills out of this world. No, he is not an alien!

Ravi Khandelwal


The go-to person for all things related to software and data. He has acquired the Time-Turner (used by Hermione Granger in Harry Potter) to keep up with technologies and software solutions as they are evolving.



We are in continuous search for smart, talented, and passionate individuals to help with the large number of projects we are working on. Drop us a line!