"Everyone can solve a problem, but what matters is who can solve it in the given constraints"
Rajiv Garg


The first step for any business, project, or implementation. We identify the need and best feasible solution after going over all possible choices available.


To better understand the needs of stakeholders (business, consumers, vendors) or business processes, you need to listen to the data, see what it is showing us, and understand what it desires. This will then allow us to make accurate decisions.


One we know where we are headed, and how we can get there the goal is to make sure nothing breaks on the way. We can help develop strategies and solutions to enhance business productivity and goals.


We can know everything but for automation and efficiency gains we need to communicate the machines. We speak and write the language that both machines and humans can understand. We are the translators of ideas to actions.


Let's be partners in the quest to solve problems. We believe our passion is priceless - who cares about time when you are having fun. Right? We work with diverse types of budget.


Most of our partners (clients) are in need of innovative solutions thus there is no true measure for quality. What matters is that we all "live happily ever after"